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Greening your Event with Mobile Event Apps

17 July, 18:32, by admin

The Green movement is growing in the Event Planning community, and today’s digital age offers many solutions. Even our venue partners, whether hotels or convention centers, are pledging to do their part in reducing waste, with many implementing recycling laundry programs that serve sustainability efforts. So, what can we do to increase our own efforts? One way to eliminate a lot of waste while leveraging technology is a Mobile Event App.

mobile event app, offers planners a way to increase their sustainability efforts  by eliminating:

–      Conference Guides

–      Brochures

–      Presentations

–      Agendas

–      Expensive shipping costs

–      Reduce greenhouse emissions associated with delivery services

Any planner looking at this list also will most likely see $$ dollar signs. Eliminating all of this printed collateral in turn, save thousands in printing costs and will make a big impact on your overall budget. There are many benefits of taking the initiative to Green our events, and attendees are really taking to the technology offerings. Mobile Conference Apps add an invaluable dimension to your event – whether as a planner, sponsor, or attendee.