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Going Paperless with Mobile Conference Apps

05 June, 22:56, by admin

Several times a day we are reminded to limit the waste of paper products – how many times a day do you receive an email with the “Please consider the environment before printing this email,” I know I get at least a dozen. Being mindful and considerate of our planet takes careful planning and even retraining your team’s mindset to encourage reusing, recycling, and reducing.

As an event planner, our jobs take us outside of the office and into a mobile office, of sorts. Going green at events is a movement that all planners and venues are working toward collectively. I know of many corporations which have included their green efforts in their statements and missions and prefer vendors with the same goals.

Mobile Conference Apps enable you to go paperless at your events by keeping the event in the palm of your attendees’ hands. I have listed a few ideas below which will save you thousands of dollars on printing and eliminate unnecessary waste at your next event.

With a Mobile Conference App, you can eliminate the need to print:

  • Maps
  • Agendas
  • Speaker Bios
  • Paper Surveys
  • Sponsor Descriptions
  • Advertisements
  • PowerPoint Handouts
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards

Going paperless at your next event has never been easier! Leverage the power of smartphones and keep the event in the palm of your hand.